Recently, "How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone" becomes a very popular topic among the users. Occasionally, iPhone users will delete the useful text messages from their phone by accident, and want to recover the deleted messages. Of course, the users are able to restore their iPhone with the iTunes backup, but what if the backup is not a latest one? At this moment, users will need the help of iPhone data recovery software. This software helps users to recover deleted files directly, so that it is helpful for recovering deleted text messages.
To everyone cares, I figured out a way to get music from iPod to computer. Most of the iPod users want to move their albums from iPod to computer when they decide to update to an iPhone or iPad. Although users can use iTunes to transfer the music files, they will find that they canít transfer the non-purchased items. I will suggest you use the iPod transfer software to copy music from iPod to computer. The software enables users to transfer various kinds of files between iPod and computer without using iTunes, so it can be helpful on this issue.
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